Town Hall Management Advisory Committee


The Town Hall Management Advisory Committee support the Trustees in the running and managing the Stokesley Town Hall and this function is carried out in conjunction with Julie McLuckie, our Town Clerk.

They also look after the fabric of the Town Hall keeping this maintained within the available funds, which are sought from the Town Hall Trustees following recommendations from the Management Advisory Committee. They also ensure that access to the Town Hall is available for all. 

When carrying out their duties they may seek grants, raise funds and welcome contributions, this fund raising relates to specific projects that they then seek to finance.

The Committee who are all volunteers are made up of the following:

4 elected members, 9 appointed members with each one representing those organisations who use the Town Hall and up to 2 co-opted members.

The minimum requirement is to meet 6 times per year, normally once every other month unless something needs to be discussed urgently.They meet in the Town Hall. They are required to convene an Annual General Meeting and to present a report at this gathering.

This group of volunteers have had an amazing impact on the Town Hall of which one of the highlights was rescuing it in 2000, as until then the previous years of neglect were starting to take their toll of the Building. The principle of the refurbishment was to retain its original 19th Century elegance in keeping with the building whilst using modern 21st Century facilities. The result is what we all enjoy today, a living work of art.  It enjoys a range of facilities within the Town Hall that can be used by the residents for the benefit of the townsfolk of Stokesley.

Without the hard work of the volunteers who are so diligent in contributing their time, skills and talents we would not enjoy this wonderful listed building, the centre piece of our wonderful Georgian Market Town. 

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